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  • Castor oil - Wikipedia

    Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis). The common name "castor oil", from which the plant gets its name, probably comes from its use as a replacement for castoreum, a perfume base made from the dried perineal glands of the beaver (castor in Latin).

  • Kale

    References. Ambrosone CB, Tang L. Cruciferous vegetable intake and cancer prevention: role of nutrigenetics. Cancer Prev Res (Phila Pa). 2009 Apr;2(4):298-300. 2009.

  • Slow Cooker Beef Vegetable Soup Recipe -

    Cans of carrots, corn, green beans, potatoes and tomatoes are combined in a slow cooker with stew meat and onion soup mix in this recipe for a one dish meal. Allow 6 hours cooking time.

  • Hampton Creek debuts eggless eggs — here's how they taste

    A fiery startup that has been working on vegan eggs for 4 years finally debuts them — here's how they taste

  • High Protein Spring Vegetable Pasta - May I Have That Recipe

    High Protein Spring Vegetable Pasta. Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the first crop of exotic seasonal vegetables like beautiful Romanesco broccoli and purple asparagus.

  • DIY Vegetable Rennet | Making Our Sustainable Life

    I know, right? Who would have known! Actually cheese has been made this way (with cardoon, a purple thistle related to the artichoke) in Italy, France and Greek for eons.

  • Vegetable Masala Recipe -

    Masala means a spicy mixture. Vegetable masala is a mixture of vegetables like potatoes, carrots, peas and beans cooked with onions & tomatoes adding spices like garam masala powder, ginger and garlic powder.

  • Tomato - Wikipedia

    The tomato (see pronunciation) is the edible, often red, fruit/berry of the plant Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as a tomato plant.The plant belongs to the nightshade family, Solanaceae.

  • The Protein Cluster – Global platform for connecting plant

    The Protein Cluster (TPC) is the first global platform for ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers, retailers, caterers and other stakeholders seeking ready to use plant-based, vegan or vegetarian solutions.

  • Potatoes

    About Potatoes. Whether mashed, baked or roasted, people often consider potatoes as comfort food. It is an important food staple and the number one vegetable crop in the world.