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  • High Protein Spring Vegetable Pasta - May I Have That Recipe

    High Protein Spring Vegetable Pasta. Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the first crop of exotic seasonal vegetables like beautiful Romanesco broccoli and purple asparagus.

  • skinnypasta - HIGH PROTEIN | Low Carb | Fresh Pasta - Linguine

    skinnypasta™ is great as a side dish, or as the feature entree on your dinner plate. Either way, it’s a delicious and incredibly nutritious pasta that suppo

  • Quick High-Protein Vegetable Stir-Fry [Vegan] - One Green Planet

    This quick stir-fry is an easy dinner idea to “upcycle” leftover veggies and refuel after a workout. The high protein content comes from edamame pasta.

  • High protein food | Vegetable Protein Sources - Hemp

    Looking for a high protein food from a vegetable source, hemp is the perfect solution! Hemp seeds contain all 20 known amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids which our bodies require.

  • Kale

    What's New and Beneficial About Kale. Among all 100 of our WHFoods, kale tops the list in terms of lutein content. Kale is not only our most lutein-rich food at WHFoods, it is also the top lutein-containing food in the USDA's National Nutrient Database that analyzes 5,350 foods that contain this carotenoid nutrient.

  • 10 High Protein Vegetables to Help You Lose Weight and Feel

    You can enjoy collard greens steamed or sautéed. They’re particularly tasty mixed with other veggies like onions and mushrooms. Protein Content: A 1-cup (36-gram) serving of chopped collard greens contains 0.9 grams of protein, while 100 grams of collard greens contain 2.5 grams.

  • High-calorie, High-protein Recipes -

    High-calorie, High-protein Recipes 1 Introduction Eating high-calorie, high-protein foods is an easy way to improve your nutrition without eating large amounts.

  • TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) | Bob's Red Mill

    Textured Vegetable Protein is the perfect meat substitute in almost any recipe that calls for ground beef or turkey. Free shipping on orders over $50.

  • The 40 Best High Protein Foods -

    Hard-boiled eggs are one of the most portable protein foods. You can also make a shake with dried egg protein powder instead of whey. High Protein Dairy Greek Yogurt. Protein Content: 23 g per 8-oz. serving

  • List of Fruits & Vegetable With a High Water Content

    High Water Content Vegetables. On top of the vegetables list are cucumber and lettuce, consisting of 96 percent water. Zucchini, radish and celery are comprised of 95 percent water.