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    Cereal processing - Other starch-yielding plants: Cassava, often called manioc, is not a cereal but a tuber; however, it replaces cereals in certain countries, supplying the carbohydrate content of the diet.

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    The South African Dairy Industry. The South African dairy industry provides healthy, nutritious products to millions of South Africans each year.. The industry operates to free market principles and Parmalat is one of the leaders in this highly competitive industry.


    MEAT PRODUCTS WITH HIGH LEVELS OF EXTENDERS AND FILLERS. Introduction. Meat extenders are non-meat substances with substantial protein content, whereas fillers are high in carbohydrates (see page 60).

  • Grains Questions including "How do you grow millet"

    Grains Questions including "How do you grow millet" and "What is the difference between wheat and atta flour"

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    Many agree: People with diabetes should eat a low-carb diet. Last week we looked at what "carbs" are. But what is meant by "low?" How much carbohydrate should you eat?

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    A diet high in fibre keeps the digestive system healthy.

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    Background (For the most current description of the pet food manufacturing process visit: )

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    Meat as raw material, non-meat ingredients and basic techniques in further processing of meat TYPES OF ANIMAL TISSUE SUITABLE FOR MEAT PROCESSING


    101 PART 101 Food and Drugs FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (CONTINUED) FOOD FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION Pt. 101 PART 101—FOOD LABELING Subpart A—General Provisions Sec. 101.1 Principal display panel of package form food. 101.2 Information panel of package form food. 101.3 Identity labeling of food in