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  • These 15 Vegan Cereal Brands Are Nutritious an Delicious

    ELAN Original Granola Cereal in Almond Pecan Walnut Coconut is gluten-free, whole grain, vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, salt-free, and dairy-free.It’s also high in all natural fiber, protein, antioxidants, omega 3s, and iron.

  • Ideal Protein Diet FAQ's - Institute of Health Promotion

    Ideal Protein Diet FAQ's. 1. How is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method different from other protein diets on the market? The Ideal Protein weight loss method treats weight issues at its source.

  • Going gluten-free: More fat, sugar and arsenic, less protein

    Grocery stores are full of products proclaiming their gluten-free status, and this has prompted many people to believe that this is somehow a desirable quality from a health standpoint.

  • All news - FoodNavigator

    Israeli start-up Aleph Farms' proprietary "three dimensional" process holistically grows all parts of meat - muscle, fat, blood vessels and connective tissue - together, yielding a 'free-range' taste and texture

  • Celiac Disease Foundation, plant geneticist, challenge report

    Celiac Disease Foundation, plant geneticist, challenge report linking GMOs to celiac disease, gluten sensitivity

  • For Kellogg, Cereal Sales Recovery May Be Lost Hope - Bloomberg

    Feb 25, 2015 · John Bryant is a voracious cereal eater. Most mornings, he has a bowl of Kellogg’s All-Bran Buds, a spinoff of the company’s 99-year-old All-Bran, originally marketed as a “natural laxative.” At night he’s likely to snack on Honey Smacks, which is 56 percent sugar by weight. Sometimes he

  • 7 Must-Try Vegan Protein Powders - One Green Planet

    Protein powders are a quick, convenient way to get a hefty dose of protein in a single serving. Many powders can simply be mixed with water, juice or a plant-based milk for a high-protein, on-the-go snack. But we can be more creative than that! Here are a few of our favorite ways to use protein

  • Cheerios - Wikipedia

    Cheerios is an American brand of cereal manufactured by General Mills, consisting of pulverized oats in the shape of a solid torus.In some countries, including the United Kingdom, Cheerios is marketed by Cereal Partners under the Nestlé brand; in Australia and New Zealand, Cheerios is sold as an Uncle Toby's product.

  • The Truth About GMOs: Are They Safe? What Do We Know? - WebMD

    Do foods from genetically engineered organisms belong in your belly? Find out the basic facts from WebMD so you can make informed decisions about your health.

  • Say No To GMOs! - Virus Hazard

    The Virus Hazard. by Jaan Suurküla, MD. Summary. Viruses are packages of hereditary material, DNA or RNA. They can get into the cells and take over the command over the cells activities and make it produce new copies of viruses.