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  • Horsemeat scandal: Think soya's a safer choice than meat

    As the horsemeat scandal boosts sales of vegetarian food, we reveal that soya products have their own health worries.

  • Absolute Organix Lifematrix – SA's natural and organic

    And, while organically-grown foods satisfy the basic requirements of “clean” nutrition, the truth is organic standards set the bar pretty low when it comes to sustainable farming.

  • PAVI Supermarket

    First time Shopper ? Welcome to PAVI's online shopping store. Here's how to get started: Here, you can do your shopping from the comfort of your home or office taking advantage of a virtual copy of the variety and convenience found at PAVI Shopping Complex.

  • Amasi Wam - amasi, maas, powdered cultured milk

    Amasi Wam is an amasi, maas or cultured milk. Amasi Wam 100% dairy product is a powdered milk and is manufactured by Bacarac Foods in South Africa.

  • News | Food Standards Agency

    Food Standards Agency makes sure food is safe and what it says it is.

  • McDonald's | McFeast® Spicy

    It’s the McFeast® you know and love – two 100% beef patties, a slice of cheese, onion, tomato and shredded lettuce, on a seeded bun – but with a spicy double kick of Jalapeño sauce and Hot Spicy sauce.

  • PERNAL CARE - Hobby Takt Ltd.

    3 Product INCI name Physical form Average MW % Active Properties/applications Vegetable Proteins Cropeptide W Powder Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (and)

  • Protein Intake & IGF-1 Production |

    Animal protein consumption triggers the release of the cancer-promoting growth hormone IGF-1.

  • Lecithin - Wikipedia

    Lecithin has emulsification and lubricant properties, and is a surfactant.It can be totally metabolized (see Inositol) by humans, so is well tolerated by humans and nontoxic when ingested; some other emulsifiers can only be excreted via the kidneys.

  • McDonald's | Big Tasty Meal

    Big Tasty Meal LIVE TASTILY EVER AFTER. It’s back! The soft and fluffy seeded bun, the exquisite combination of two 100% beef patties and two slices of creamy cheese, with shredded lettuce, slivered onions and tomato, topped with our famous smokey sauce.