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    Bioplastics are used for disposable items, such as packaging, crockery, cutlery, pots, bowls, and straws. Few commercial applications exist for bioplastics. In principle they could replace many applications for petroleum-derived plastics, however cost and performance remain problematic.

  • Soy: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning

    Overview Information Soy comes from soybeans. The beans can be processed into soy protein, which is a powder; soymilk, which is a beverage that may or may not be fortified with extra calcium from the soybeans; or soy fiber, which contains some of the fibrous parts of the bean.

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    UNESCO – EOLSS SAMPLE CHAPTERS BIOTECHNOLOGY –Vol. VI - Industrial Uses of Enzymes - Michele Vitolo ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) which are mostly low volume and medium cost products -, such as starch hydrolysate,

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    Fibre content determines the type of dye required for a fabric: Cellulose fibres: cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, bamboo, rayon; Protein fibres: wool, angora, mohair, cashmere, silk, soy, leather, suede

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    Products & Services. With your information on requirements and locally available raw materials, a team of experienced nutritionists is at your disposal to formulate the optimal, most cost-efficient concentrate or premix.

  • Straight vegetable oil as diesel fuel: Journey to Forever

    Introduction. Vegetable oil can be used as diesel fuel just as it is, without being converted to biodiesel. The downside is that straight vegetable oil (SVO) is much more viscous (thicker) than conventional diesel fuel or biodiesel, and it doesn't burn the same in the engine -- many studies have found that it can damage engines.

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    The perfect smoothie formula: How to make a smoothie that comes out healthy and tasty, every time.

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    I just joined yesterday and I have not stopped reading . Im not sure I will be able to stay with the group, because of the cost. I have a very low income,and very high medical bills.

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    How It’s Made THE OLIVE TREE The olive tree (Olea Europea), traces its origins back to Eastern Mediterranean countries and the Middle East. It is believed that […]