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  • Quorn - Wikipedia

    Quorn is a meat substitute product originating in the UK and available in 19 countries. It was launched in 1985 by Marlow Foods, a joint venture between Rank Hovis McDougall (RHM) and Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and now owned by Monde Nissin Corporation.

  • All About Textured Vegetable Protein | USA Emergency Supply

    Myths and misunderstandings run VERY high about TVP® (Texturized Vegetable Protein). During the last few years lots of things have changed regarding TVP®. This stuff sure "ain't what it used to be!!!"

  • The 40 Best High Protein Foods -

    To make a plant-based smoothie, substitute a vegan protein powder in place of animal-based casein or whey. A blend of rice protein and pea protein is a good option for muscle growth.

  • # Protein Vegetable Weight Loss Diet - How To Reduce Serum

    Protein Vegetable Weight Loss Diet - How To Reduce Serum Cholesterol Protein Vegetable Weight Loss Diet Weight Loss After Quitting Beer Weight Loss Drug Fentanyl

  • MEAT ALTERNATIVES - The Vegetarian Site

    Deli Style Meat (Not!) Chops by Dixie Diner (large) -- SOLD OUT Price: $0.00 Quantity in Basket: none

  • Where do vegetarians get protein? - No Meat Athlete

    Every once in a while when thinking up topics for No Meat Athlete posts, I hit on one that’s so obvious, it’s a joke that I haven’t already written it. We’ve had protein posts before, like the primer from vegan R.D. Matt Ruscigno. And I’ve written a few articles about protein myself, but

  • Beyond Meat - Official Site

    At Beyond Meat, we started with simple questions. Why do you need an animal to create meat? Why can't you build meat directly from plants? It turns out you can.

  • Olestra - Wikipedia

    Olestra (also known by its brand name Olean) is a fat substitute that adds no fat, calories, or cholesterol to products. It has been used in the preparation of otherwise high-fat foods such as potato chips, thereby lowering or eliminating their fat content.

  • How to Make Vegetable Meatless Crumbles | Earth Mama's World

    If you are wondering how to make vegetable meatless crumbles, wait no more! Veggie meatless crumbles are an easy meat substitute to make & it freezes great.

  • 10 Vegetables That Can Substitute for Meat - One Green Planet

    You may not think of tofu or tempeh as vegetables, but they are plant-based and made from soybeans. TVP, or texturized vegetable protein, is also made from soy.