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  • Corn Pudding - Kraft Recipes

    Serve this Corn Pudding at your next family dinner! Combine whole kernel, cream-style corn and muffin mix in this savory side-dish pudding.

  • Worcestershire Sauce Recipe: Easy Homemade Substitute

    An authentically homemade Worcestershire sauce recipe requires a rather long fermentation process, and most of us aren't that patient. Enter my homemade Worcestershire Sauce recipe.

  • Best Vegan and Vegetarian Protein Sources - Health

    Meat- and dairy-free protein sources that can help you stay slim and healthy. Get more of these protein-rich foods in your diet.

  • John Harvey Kellogg - Wikipedia

    John Harvey Kellogg, M.D. (February 26, 1852 – December 14, 1943) was an American medical doctor, nutritionist, inventor, health activist, and businessman. He was the director of the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan.

  • Mini Corn Dog Muffins Recipe – Hip2Save

    If you love the taste of corn dogs, you are going to love this easy baked homemade recipe for mini corn dog muffins! These corn dog muffins are a crowd pleaser especially with kids and make a great football watching snack for the big game coming up!

  • Deep South Dish: Corn Spoon Bread

    Nov 08, 2009 · Corn spoon bread goes by a number of names, but it's basically a souffle made of cornmeal, corn, sour cream, milk, eggs and butter. A wonderful side dish for any holiday.

  • Homemade Corn Dogs - Life In The Lofthouse

    Delicious homemade corn dogs! They taste just like the ones from the fair. These are a family-favorite!

  • Cheesy Quinoa Casserole with Corn and Chicken

    Cheesy Corn Chicken Quinoa Casserole. A lightened-up, healthy corn bake full of quinoa, chicken, veggies and cheese! Easy, freezer-friendly and gluten free.

  • Tofu Chorizo - Vegan Ground Meat Substitute - Cooking with Plants

    This Tofu Chorizo is a super tasty vegan ground meat substitute that is perfect to use in tacos, burritos, lasagna, or even tossed through a salad or on a baked potato.

  • Pressure Cooker Stewed Chicken with Corn (Pollo Guisado con

    Looking for something different to use my instant pot for and this recipe was awesome. Made a couple of changes because I were too lazy to go to the store so I used can diced tomatoes instead of plum tomatoes. Also added more corn I love corn. My only knock on the recipe is i think the chicken

  • Corn and Mixed Vegetable Casserole Recipe - Brown Eyed Baker

    Amazing! :) I made this recipe last night and my family loved it. I used a bag of sweet corn and a bag of frozen medley (cauliflower, carrots & broccoli) defrosted the veggies, then slightly chopped.

  • Fantastic Grilled Corn on the Cob - Kraft Recipes

    Wow the crowds with Fantastic Grilled Corn on the Cob. This Fantastic Grilled Corn on the Cob recipe is just as simple as it is scrumptious.

  • Paleo Meat Recipes - EatingWell

    Find healthy, delicious paleo meat recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

  • Deep South Dish: Corn and Crab Chowder

    Nov 04, 2010 · A nicely seasoned chicken stock based corn and crab chowder made with a small roux, sauteed veggies, potatoes, corn, half and half and sweet blue crab.

  • Taco-Corn Chili Recipe -

    I brown my meat with an onion. Season with garlic powder and pepper. I add 1 can pinto beans, 1 can red beans, 1 can corn and 2 cans black beans with 1 pkg taco season and 1 package ranch dressing.

  • Low-Cholesterol Meat & Fish | LIVESTRONG.COM

    As your doctor suggested, you're eating a healthy diet to help get your blood cholesterol numbers down. While you might enjoy eating more fruits, vegetables and grains, you want to eat a little meat and fish, too.

  • Fantastic Grilled Corn on the Cob Recipe - Kraft Canada

    The flavoured butter is the perfect complement to the grilled corn.

  • Pozole - Wikipedia

    Pozole (Nahuatl languages: pozolli Spanish pronunciation: , pozole), which means "hominy", is a traditional soup or stew from Mexico.It is made from hominy, with meat (typically pork), and can be seasoned and garnished with shredded cabbage, chile peppers, onion, garlic, radishes, avocado, salsa or limes.

  • Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad - Food, Cooking Recipes

    Street corn just became a potluck favorite in this simple pasta salad.

  • 10 Fresh Corn Recipes - Health

    Blend Mexican and Mediterranean ingredients with the fresh-tasting salad. Corn, lime, and chili powder, combined with grape halves and Parmesan, make a flavor-packed feast for a little over 200 calories.