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    Baking mix: A combination of pre-measured baking dry ingredients (Ex: flours, meal, leavening, sugars, salt, spices).

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    Flour is a substance, generally a powder, made by grinding raw grains or roots and used to make many different foods. Cereal flour is the main ingredient of bread, which is a staple food for most cultures.

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    cabbage - There are over 70 varieties of cabbage. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi, collards, kale, turnips, and many more are all a member of the cabbage

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    The safety of genetically modified (GM) foods has been decried by many from the nutritional health community. One article, entitled, "Genetically Modified Foods Pose Huge Health Risk" claims that thousands of animals fed genetically-modified organisms (GMO) have died and that "post mortems showed

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    Carrots, celery, onions, cabbage, corn, and green beans -- this soup is full of vegetables! With ground beef, beans, and macaroni, a loaf of warm, crusty bread is all you need for a well-rounded dinner.

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    Vegan Peace - Ingredients: list of ingredients found in food and cosmetics. Indicates whether they are animal-derived or vegan.

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    Pasta (Italian pronunciation: ) is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first reference dating to 1154 in Sicily.. Also commonly used to refer to the variety of pasta dishes, pasta is typically made from an unleavened dough of a durum wheat flour mixed with water or eggs and formed into sheets or various shapes, then cooked by

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    Ingredients: Poultry protein (dried), rice, animal fat, wheat, wheat middlings, corn, corn gluten feed, animal protein (hydrolyzed), vegetable protein isolate*, beet pulp, vegetable fibres, minerals, fish oil, yeasts, soya oil, tomato (source of lycopene), psyllium (psyllium & shells), fructo-oligo-saccharides, hydrolysed crustaceans (source of

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    Prep. 10 m; Cook. 30 m; Ready In. 40 m; In a medium bowl, combine the corn flour, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, and seasoned salt. Stir in the paprika, cumin, garlic salt, and sugar.

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    Royal Canin Exigent 42 Protein Preference dry food for the choosy, food sensitive . Containing special proteins, fats and carbohydrates.