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    A method of cost accounting used in managerial economics. Cost-volume profit analysis is based upon determining the breakeven point of cost and volume of goods. It can be useful for managers making short-term economic decisions, and also for general educational purposes.

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    A critical part of CVP analysis is the point where total revenues equal total costs (both fixed and variable costs). At this break-even point, a company will experience no income or loss. This break-even point can be an initial examination that precedes more detailed CVP analysis.

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    Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis is one of the major tools of financial analysis. Managers use the contribution margin to plan for the business.

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    Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis is used to determine how changes in costs and volume affect a company's operating income and net income. In performing this analysis, there are several assumptions made, including: Sales price per unit is constant. Variable costs per unit are constant.

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    CHAPTER Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis In Brief Managers need to estimate future revenues, costs, and profits to help them plan and monitor operations.

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    CVP analysis provides managers with the advantage of being able to answer specific pragmatic questions needed in business analysis. Questions such as what the company's breakeven point is help managers project how future spending and production will contribute to the success or failure of the company.

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    Definition: The cost volume profit analysis, commonly referred to as CVP, is a planning process that management uses to predict the future volume of activity, costs incurred, sales made, and profits received.

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    Explanation of cost volume profit analysis. Components of cost volume profit CVP analysis & concept

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    Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) analysis is a managerial accounting technique that is concerned with the effect of sales volume and product costs on operating profit of a business.